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The portal market is rapidly evolving from simple content management and delivery tools, to frameworks for interactive management across all aspects of the enterprise. ITI's .NET Portal platform brings the functionality of underlying business systems to the portal, allowing users to conduct self-services. ITI's .NET Portal platform increases the return-on-investment (ROI) of enterprise portals with business critical functionality on the web and an extensible platform that seamlessly integrates all disparate data sources and systems of an enterprise while improving user productivity and reducing deployment time and costs.

ITI new version, ITI Portal LT, is a framework for unparalleled user integration allowing employees, customers, vendors and business partners to interact directly with underlying business processes and systems. ITI's .NET Portal platform enables companies to develop and deploy enterprise portals, providing visibility to critical corporate data, such as inventory, sales data and customer service information, in a timely manner, through wired and wireless connections.

By integrating seamlessly with the systems an organization already has in place, ITI's .NET Portal, can extend visibility and interactivity to the entire supply chain and throughout distribution channels enabling people to make informed decisions, act quickly on business opportunities, enhance operational efficiencies and improve satisfaction and loyalty within business communities.

What a ITI portal does:

  • Enables universal login
  • Handles both structured and unstructured data
  • Facilitates multi-channel consistency
  • Facilitates messaging and notification
  • Automated tuning: pervasive content can be tuned based on personalization, location, browser, etc.
  • Integration to other systems

Key features of ITI Portal:

  • Security
  • Access different data
  • Transactions
  • Search
  • Publish Content
  • Personal Content

Key Reason why to use ITI's .NET Portal Platform:

  • Increased business performance -- By providing current and relevant
    information to today's knowledge workers through the ITI .NET portal
    framework, they make more informed decisions, spend less time conducting
    research and require less frequent training.


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