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Our TranzAct System is a robust web application that can handle order placement, accept billing information, offer couponing, interface with your existing billing and distribution systems; allowing for a fully controlled electronic end-to-end system. The system includes an easy to use shopping cart. The shopping cart allows your customer to buy multiple items during a visit, filling a shopping cart with items. At any time, the user will be able to review the shopping cart, change quantities, and review item detail. When they are ready to check out, our specialized credit interface will allow real-time credit authorizations over Secure Socket Layer (SSL) web transactions. When the authorization is complete, the user will receive a confirmation of the order, and the order will be placed in your transaction file. The shopping cart will also interface to our EDI module, to send orders directly to your fulfillment partner. In addition, WDBA (Web Database Administration) module will allow you to maintain your transactions, inventory, and product offerings directly over the web.

Features Benefits
Easy to use interface.
Allows users to quickly select, review, and purchase your products.
Real-time credit processing. Reduces credit fraud by pre-authorizing the purchase.
EDI interface. Allows orders to be placed in real time, to ensure the fastest delivery.
Remote administration. Allows you to review inventory, create incentive pricing, and add or delete products from your inventory.

In addition, we offer a secure 24-hour service to host your application, ensuring that you are always online to your customers and suppliers. We have the personnel and equipment to enable you to provide the highest level of customer satisfaction.

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